Site Name Bank Head Farm, headwaters of Sorell Rivulet, Pittwater
Aboriginal Place Name
Language Group Oyster Bay
Colony VDL
Present State/Territory TAS
Police District Pittwater
Coordinates (imprecise to approx. 250m) -42.735,147.589,0
Date 9 Dec 1826
Attack Time Day
Aboriginal People Killed 14
Aboriginal People Killed Notes Killed: M 14 unspecified, F; Probable: M F; Possible: M F; Wounded: M F; 10 captured, including their leader, Kickerterpoller.
Non-Aboriginal People Killed 0
Non-Aboriginal People Killed Notes Killed: M F; Wounded: M F
Attacker Category Military / Police
Attacker Details District constable Alexander Laing and four soldiers from the 40th regiment.
Motive Dispersal opportunity
Type Of Motive Opportunity
Weapons Used Firearms
Narrative When a mob of Oyster Bay people were seen in the Pittwater area, the district constable, Alexander Laing and four soldiers of the 40th regiment, ambushed the camp at dawn, killed 14 and captured ten, including their leader, Kickerterpoller. This incident was reported by magistrate James Gordon to the Colonial Secretary in Hobart later that day and in two Hobart newspapers a week later.
Sources TAHO CSO 1/331:194-5; CT 1826: Dec 15 -; HTG December 16 -, 1826; Ryan 2012: 87-90. (Sources PDF)
Corroboration Rating ***