Site Name Sheep Station Bluff Upper McLeay River
Aboriginal Place Name
Language Group Dhanggati
Colony NSW
Present State/Territory NSW
Police District
Coordinates (imprecise to approx. 250m) -30.822,152.288,0
Date Between 12 Jan 1843 and 31 Dec 1843
Attack Time
Aboriginal People Killed 6
Aboriginal People Killed Notes Killed: M more than 6, F; Probable: M F; Possible: M F; Wounded: M F
Non-Aboriginal People Killed 0
Non-Aboriginal People Killed Notes Killed: M F; Wounded: M F
Attacker Category
Attacker Details Station owner and at least 2 stockmen.
Motive Reprisal
Type Of Motive
Weapons Used Firearms, muskets
Narrative Two young colonial men were left at Sheep Station Creek to hold a small mob of quiet cattle while the station boss and other stockmen went after the wild cattle. The boys fell asleep and when they awoke they found that some Aboriginal men had speared a vealer and were dragging it off. They informed the boss when he returned and he quickly set off in pursuit (presumably with the other stockmen) and ?quite quickly came up with them on the cliff edge. It is said that they forced them over the cliff to their deaths.' ?Next day one of the two young men left to hold the ?quiet? cattle became troubled that some of the Aboriginal people may have been left injured by the fall from the cliff and dying a lingering death in the sun. He rode out to the massacre site. ?He found an infant crawling about and took it to Pee Dee station, the McMaugh home. Later the child was taken to live with the Thompson Family at Towel Creek station?.
Sources SMH June 20, 1843 -; Blomfield 1981: 40-41 (Sources PDF)
Corroboration Rating **