Site Name Blencoe Falls, Kirrama, Valley of Lagoons Station
Aboriginal Place Name
Language Group
Colony QLD
Present State/Territory QLD
Police District
Coordinates (imprecise to approx. 250m) -18.229,145.540,0
Date Between 1 Jan 1872 and 31 Dec 1872
Attack Time Dawn
Aboriginal People Killed 11
Aboriginal People Killed Notes M 8 W3
Non-Aboriginal People Killed 0
Non-Aboriginal People Killed Notes
Attacker Category Native police
Attacker Details Native police
Motive Opportunity
Type Of Motive Opportunity
Weapons Used carbines
Narrative One morning before daylight a mob of Blacks on Valley of Lagoons station were attacked by Native police without warning. 'Several were shot and two Gins taken away. The bodies of the Slain Gins appear to have been buried but the naked bodies of 8 dead men, one grey haired, were left exposed on the roadside till they stank.'
Sources Brisbane Courier, 10 August 1872: Bottoms 2013:137 (Sources PDF)
Corroboration Rating **