Site Name Coniston and surrounds 2
Aboriginal Place Name
Language Group Warlpiri, Anmatyere, Kaytetye
Colony NT
Present State/Territory NT
Police District
Coordinates (imprecise to approx. 250m) -22.094,132.516,0
Date Between 1 Aug 1928 and 31 Oct 1928
Attack Time Day
Aboriginal People Killed 60
Aboriginal People Killed Notes More than 60
Non-Aboriginal People Killed 0
Non-Aboriginal People Killed Notes William John (Nugget) Morton, co-owner of Broadmeadows Station, reported that he was attacked by 15 Warlpiri on 28 August.
Attacker Category Police and settler party.
Attacker Details
Motive Retaliation for attack against Nugget Morton.
Type Of Motive Reprisal
Weapons Used Firearms & tomahawk
Notes Men.
Narrative Warlpiri also attacked and wounded Nugget Morton at Tomahawk Waterholde on the Lander River and this led to further reprisals on both the Lander and Lower Hanson Rivers, including Circle Well, and Aboriginal deaths (approx. more than 60.) The official death toll for the Coniston masacre was 17.
Sources Woodward 1978; Read and Read 1991: 33-7; Bell 1993: 67-68; Toohey 1978: Edmond 2013: 104; Morrison; NT News, 25 Aug 2018: 24-25:Wilson and O,Brien 2003. (Sources PDF)
Corroboration Rating ***