Site Name Anna's Reservoir
Aboriginal Place Name
Language Group Anmatjere
Colony SA
Present State/Territory NT
Police District Alice Springs
Coordinates (imprecise to approx. 250m) -22.585,133.139,0
Date Between 7 Aug 1884 and 7 Sep 1884
Attack Time Attack - night. Reprisals - day.
Aboriginal People Killed 15
Aboriginal People Killed Notes Dead included Slim Jim, Boko, Clubfoot and Jimmy Mullins, allegedly shot by Trackers.
Non-Aboriginal People Killed 0
Non-Aboriginal People Killed Notes
Attacker Category Anmatjere
Attacker Details Traditional people.
Motive Attempting to drive colonists away from their land.
Type Of Motive Aboriginal attack followed by colonist reprisal.
Weapons Used Spears in attack; firearms in defence and reprisal.
Notes Men.
Narrative Harry Figg (stockman) and Thomas Coombes (cook) attacked at Anna's Reservoir Homestead. Attackers crept into Coombes' room and speared him 8 times then set the roof alight. Figg emerged from the homestead, shooting four dead, before being speared between the shoulders. Both wounded and badly burnt, they escaped to a stock camp 50 miles away and survived.Const William Willshire & Const Charlie Brookes, 2 Aboriginal trackers and 4 volunteers (Alec Ross, Harry Price, Summard and McBeth) went in pursuit, reporting they had shot dead four Anmatjere men. Official deaths were eight; Kimber reports 15. Morrison refers to part of the reprisal as the Blackfellow Bones Hill Massacre.
Sources Traynor 2016; 120-121; Kimber; Adelaide Observer, 20 Sept 1884; NTTG, 25 Oct 1884. (Sources PDF)
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