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Complaint Digital Archive

The development of a digital first and last line index of early modern women’s complaint poetry is currently underway through the support of an ARC and Marsden New Zealand grant, with Rosalind Smith and Sarah C. E. Ross being the Chief Investigators. The digital index of first and last lines for complaint will enable archival research to establish the parameters of the mode across the project team. Additional material will be added to this database as the project continues. The completed index will be launched in its final, open-access form at the ANZAMEMS conference at the beginning of year 3 of the project, in 2019.

Mary Wroth’s Poetry: An Electronic Edition

Emeritus Professor Paul Salzman’s digital archive titled Mary Wroth’s Poetry: An Electronic Edition, is an essential digital resource for Wroth scholars. This comprehensive archive contains exceptional digital images and editions of all poems in the Folger Library MS version of Wroth’s Pamphilia to Amphilanthus sequence. In addition, it offers a comparison to these with the printed versions appended in Wroth’s 1621 Urania, as well as modernised and edited versions of Professor Salzman’s own transcriptions, Wroth’s contextual biography, and critical perspectives.

Verse Miscellanies Online with the Bodleian Library

Professor Michelle O’Callaghan has produced a searchable digital edition of selected verse miscellanies printed in the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries titled Verse Miscellanies Online. These verse miscellanies, or poetry anthologies, have helped shape the history of English poetry. They can tell us much about how literary tastes developed and changed over the course of the English Renaissance and the growth of the book trade. Work on this digital edition began in March 2011 funded by a British Academy Research Development Award, and has involved collaboration with various bodies, including the Bodleian Digital Library, Oxford University Computing Services, and the Digital Humanities Department at King's College, London.

EMWRN Digital Archive Review, 2017

The Early Modern Women Research Network’s digital archive, The Material Cultures of Early Modern Women’s Writing, was recently reviewed in the Early Modern Women: An Interdisciplinary Journal by Marie Louise Coolahan in a Special Issue focusing on digital archives website reviews.

The journal reference is: Coolahan, Marie Louise. ‘Website Reviews: The Material Cultures of Early Modern Women’s Writing.’ Early Modern Women: An Interdisciplinary Journal 11.2 (2017): 151-154. Special Issue: Website Reviews.

The Conversation, Rosalind Smith, February 2019

The article, 'Mary, Queen of Scots is newly relevant in the age of #MeToo,' by Professor Rosalind Smith featured in The Conversation on 28th February, 2019.

The Conversation, Rosalind Smith, July 2014

The article, 'Mary, Queen of Scots was a poet – and you should know it,' by Associate Professor Rosalind Smith featured in The Conversation on 28th July, 2014.