Mary Stuart

Quatrain in Anne of Lorraine’s Book of Hours

Contributor: Professor Rosalind Smith

Date: 1559-60

Material: Print

Source: Joseph-Balthazar Silvestre, Paléographie Universelle, Volume III, 1840 (Paris: Firmin Didot frères, 1841). Note: Publication date of Vol III is 1840, while the publication date of the series is given as 1841.
J. B. Silvestre, ‘Plate CXCVIII Gothic Miniscule Writing XVth Century: Book of Prayers of Mary Stuart’, in Universal Palæography, Vol II, Trans. Sir Frederic Madden (London: Henry G. Bohn, 1849), p. 553.

Permissions: The 1840 image is taken from Silvestre’s original in the Special Collections, Rare Books section of the State Library of NSW and is no longer in copyright. The image was purchased from the State Library of New South Wales, Sydney. The 1849 English translated image is a public domain image from The original book is held at Princeton University.

1840 Images 1840 Transcription 1840 Translation 1849 Images 1849 Transcription
Page of Mary Stuart manuscript.

Si ce lieu est pour ecrire ordonné

Ce quil vous plest auoir en souenance

Je vous requiers que lieu mi soit donné

Il que nul temps ne noste lordonance

Royne de Frāce (monogram MS) Marie

If this place for writing is set aside,

Please remember;

I require that space be given to me

And that time does not erase the privilege.

Queen of France M.S. Marie

Page of Mary Stuart manuscript.

Si ce lieu est pour écrire ordonné,

Ce qu’il vous plest avoir en sovenance,

Je vous requiers, que lieu mi soit donné,

Et que nul temps ne’ n oste l’ordonance.

Royne de Frāce (monogram M.S.) Marie