The Centre For Literary And Linguistic Computing (CLLC) was founded in 1989. Ground breaking stylometrist, John Burrows was at University of Newcastle from 1987 to 1989 when he retired but carried on significant work, developing techniques that are now standard methods used world wide, and collaborating with Dr Alexis Antonia. Prof. Hugh Craig joined in 1989 and became director in 2001. Harold Tarrant and Wayne McKenna were other figures at CLLC who went on to build DH cultures elsewhere.

Dr Alexis Antonia carefully kept archives of the marked up texts used in these seminal projects, transferring files from obsolete media. She has provided these archives:

Christian Remembrancer (30 attributed articles and many unknown)Files | ZipLILACDOC
Jane Austen - Computation into Criticism (6 Austen novels and Juvenilia)Files | ZipLILAC
John Curtin and the Westralian (40 Curtin, 40 Vigilant, 47 Other people articles)Files | Zip
James Joyce (6 Joyce novels and 24 extracts used for Oxen of Sun article)Files | ZipHybridDOC
Letters 1570-1680 (hundreds of letters)Files | Zip
Mary Fortune and James Skipp Borlase (15 Borlase, 7 Fortune, 5 unknown)Files | ZipDOC
Restoration Verse (many poems by 16 authors)Files | ZipLILAC
Samuel Beckett (6 Beckett novels in both English and French, 12 in all)Files | ZipHybrid
Tait's Wellesley Attributions (14 attributed articles and 16 doubtful articles)Files | ZipDOC
JuvenalFiles | Zip
Lawrence, KangarooFiles | Zip
Skinner, Boy in Bush/Black SwansFiles | Zip
Gold fieldsFiles | Zip