Charlotte Yonge is one of the most influential and important of Victorian women writers; but study of her work has been handicapped by a tendency to patronise both her and her writing, by the vast number of her publications and by a shortage of information about her professional career. Scholars have had to depend mainly on the work of her first biographer, a loyal disciple, a situation which has long been felt to be unsatisfactory. We hope that this edition of her correspondence will provide for the first time a substantial foundation of facts for the study of her fiction, her historical and educational writing and her journalism, and help to illuminate her biography and also her significance in the cultural and religious history of the Victorian age.

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Elderfield, Otterbourne, Winchester
September 22, 1878

My dear Lizzie

Beatrice Morshead wrote to me on Saturday, so that I had her letter at the same time as yours. I had heard from Miss Bourne the day before this change. Beatrice's letter seemed as if there was a little more revival, and it seems now to be possible that there may be more vitality even now than we thought. But one cannot wish for aught but rest. There was something ... continue reading

Elderfield, Otterbourne, Winchester.
July 10th 1876

Dear Madam

Will you kindly send the advertisement with six stamps direct to the publisher as these requests are managed by him

yours sincerely C M Yonge

... continue reading
Elderfield, Otterbourne, Winchester.
Jany 31st 1877

My dear Christabel

Here are a not very brilliant set of answers I rather doubt whether the question about the fall of Constantinople was understood I expect there will be a rush at Gridiron’s ghost question.

I shall be very glad if Fernando ends by coming to me. Miss Webers At Sixes and Sevens, a conclusion to I wonder why is very disappointing Grace is so stupidly in love ... continue reading

Dear Miss Yonge We have at length got the Trial ready. I am afraid you will think we have been somewhat dilatory, which indeed has been the case. Our printer has been busy, and it was somewhat hard to keep him moving with due speed. You will I hope be satisfied with the result as regards the look [illegible] and I think it comes out at a favourable time. We sold about 1200 to start with. ... continue reading