Charlotte Yonge is one of the most influential and important of Victorian women writers; but study of her work has been handicapped by a tendency to patronise both her and her writing, by the vast number of her publications and by a shortage of information about her professional career. Scholars have had to depend mainly on the work of her first biographer, a loyal disciple, a situation which has long been felt to be unsatisfactory. We hope that this edition of her correspondence will provide for the first time a substantial foundation of facts for the study of her fiction, her historical and educational writing and her journalism, and help to illuminate her biography and also her significance in the cultural and religious history of the Victorian age.

Featured Letters...

Elderfield, Otterbourne, Winchester.
Decr 11th 1882

Dear Madam

I see I made a mistake in addressing your letter, as you have left Windsor. I therefore write again to give my full permission for the translation of the Questions on the Gospels

yours truly C M Yonge

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My dear Miss Yonge I have the pleasure of sending you a statement of publishing doings for the past year, which I am glad to see leaves a larger balance in your favour than we have yet had to pay you. May it go on increasing! This we cannot quite hope as there have been no balances of reprint against you at all this year.

Mr Masson who is much pleased with your story, thinks the title ... continue reading

My dear Mrs Elder, In some inexplicable way your sonnet for the collect for the Annunciation has disappeared. Could you—if you have a copy—be so kind as to send it by the next post—direct to

Messrs. Mozley Friar’s Gate Derby,

as they are leaving a gap for it. How it was missed between us I cannot guess. I have all the others, quite safe up to June 29th. I hope you will excuse the blunder, and that it will ... continue reading

Elderfield, Otterbourne, Winchester.
Novr 10th 1864

My dear Mr Cox [sic], I dare say you will be so kind as to give me a morning in a Bodleian den some day next week -

Would you be so kind as to order for me anything you can find about Maximilian I of Germany - and about the city of Ulm in his time - I want as much anecdote and scenery as I can lay my hands on, wishing to represent him cutting ... continue reading