Charlotte Yonge is one of the most influential and important of Victorian women writers; but study of her work has been handicapped by a tendency to patronise both her and her writing, by the vast number of her publications and by a shortage of information about her professional career. Scholars have had to depend mainly on the work of her first biographer, a loyal disciple, a situation which has long been felt to be unsatisfactory. We hope that this edition of her correspondence will provide for the first time a substantial foundation of facts for the study of her fiction, her historical and educational writing and her journalism, and help to illuminate her biography and also her significance in the cultural and religious history of the Victorian age.

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My dear Miss Yonge I have arranged with Mr Armitage a painter of considerable reputation particularly for pictures of Sacred & Christian subjects to draw us three designs for your The Pupils of St John. As I hope we may be able to make our start in January, it will be needful to be getting on with both the drawing and the engraving. Could you give Mr Armitage any hints that would enable him to make ... continue reading

Febry 23d [1854]

My dear Anne Mamma is writing to Uncle James so I think Puslinch must hear at the same time otherwise I should like to save Uncle Yonge the anxiety.

Papa has been over working himself with spending whole long days without dinner upon Julian’s preparations, and yesterday after going to Portsmouth to take leave of him, and coming home very late, a sort of seizure came on like an exaggerated headache. We sent for Mr Lyford ... continue reading

Jany 5th [1878]
Madam Your Magician is very amusing, and shall be inserted when there is room, which is I fear the scarcest commodity in the Monthly Packet. It is a capital story and I am only puzzled by the names not being given to the police and so explaining things yours sincerely C M Yonge ... continue reading
Elderfield Otterbourne
Aug 3d [1880s?]

Dear Madam

Thank you most heartily for sending me this most laborious and excellent piece of work. I hope to keep it with my volumes and make it useful

yours sincerely C M Yonge

... continue reading