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If you can get this in any how it seems to be an urgent appeal  It is an excellent charity and is in danger C M Y ... continue reading
Elderfield, Otterbourne, Winchester.
Febry 23d [Undated]

Dear Sir,

I have another packet of sheets to thank you for today, and I can now thank you with the fuller perception of your kindness as I have been carefully going over the corrections, inking them in, and making others I am shocked now that I see more plainly my wonderful bits of carelessness. I cannot imagine how I came to leave them. I can hardly tell which are more useful your corrections or suggestions, ... continue reading

to shorten her holiday for it

your affectionate CMYonge

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I am much hurried and can hardly answer letters

Yours truly C M Yonge

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other train – Which gives more time than our 9 o’clock shopping one

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My dear Christabel

Many thanks and no time for more C M Yonge

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[not dated by Romanes] [Undated]
[To Elizabeth Barnett]

I do not think the mass of the world is as morally bad as it was then [in the Middle Ages]. The great saints and the great sinners are much alike in all times, I suppose, and I am afraid there are fewer ignorant, simple saints. But I think the goodness of mediaeval times is altogether a delusion; and though I do not like ‘progress cant,’ I think the good should be owned, ... continue reading

Jany 29th [Undated]

Dear Mrs. Bacon

With many thanks I am afraid I do not see my way to being able to come to your garden party on the 6th. I am going from home the week after and there is a good deal on hand.

Yours sincerely, C M Yonge.

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Elderfield Otterbourne
May 29th [Undated]

Miss Yonge is much obliged by Messrs Tillotson’s proposal, but she is too much occupied to entertain it

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