Elderfield, Otterbourne, Winchester.
Sept 14th [1864]

MS British Library: Add MSS 54920: 38-39 1

Dear Mr Macmillan
Herewith are the first division of Deeds. I will put a short preface before the introductory chapter I have sent. There are some bits to touched up in the proofs – i.e. the scenery of the Decius story – and of the ‘the Chief of the Arverni’. I shall get at my books better in another week, but I will not delay longer.

Also I wrote in the stock gladiator lines (which hackneyed as they are, are too beautiful to be left out) – from memory, leaving gaps to fill up, which I will do in the proof.2

I told you wrong yesterday about the centuries. I fear I can find no deeds between 500 and 900

In much haste
Yours very truly
C. M. Yonge

1Black-edged paper.
2In ‘The Last Fight in the Colisæum’ CMY quotes Byron, Childe Harold iv, 140-1: ‘I see before me the Gladiator lie . . ‘ The slightly disparaging tone is typical of her attitude to Byron.
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