March 22 1867

Copy outletter book British Library Add MSS.55387 (1) P. 29

Dear Miss Yonge .
I am glad the Chaplet is going on. I do so want it in the Magazine, but the two stories now going . . . drag their slow length along. Poor Mrs Norton has been very ill, and had trouble in her family ever since we began.1 This month she writes from Rome that she cannot send anything. I fear her life has been & is very sad, and one has no heart to tell her how much the frequent delays cause us inconvenience. But as soon as either stop I wish to have this charming tale of yours in. It is such a comfort to know that it is finished. Now these good people can go on from month to month only as they go along really astonishes me. I think I should never have an hours peace over it.

When you are done with your story I should like to see it again. Would you mind sending it to me.

I have seen a great many books called Penny Readings published. Would you like to see who [illegible] that you may judge what can be done. We should strike out something new if we can manage it. I should think it might be done.

By all means let Miss Sewell have the Freeman

Yours very truly
A. Macmillan

1Caroline Norton's Old Sir Douglas had been coming out irregularly in Macmillan's Magazine.
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