Easter Eve [?31 March 1888]

MS location unknown. Printed in Coleridge, Life, 307-8.

My dear Lizzie

Things are coming all right; Mary Coleridge will be ready for me on the 29th, so I shall have the week before for sights of the dear people.1

Here am I writing letters instead of decorating, for I have got laid up with an attack of shingles; however, as it began on Sunday, though I did not know what it was, I hope it will soon finish off.

I wish someone (not a woman) would put it with authority that it is frightful that we, ‘whose souls are lighted’ by the inspired tradition of thousands of years, should listen to the German critics who have no church, even if they believe at all, and who talk as if Hebrew was their mother tongue. It seems to me letting the devil in. Have you seen Mr. Rosenthal’s lecture on Isaiah, which shows how one really bred to Hebrew scholarship disposes of the twofold idea?

Your affectionate
C. M. Yonge

1The dating of this letter is supported by the reference to Mary Frances Keble Coleridge (1824-1898) in the letter to Jean Ingelow (3 May 1888).

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