March 17 [1899]

MS location unknown. Printed in Coleridge, Life p. 330

[To Marianne Bigg Wither about the death of her brother the Rev. William Bigg Wither.]

I had not heard for a fortnight, and had just made up my mind to write to ask Raby whether you knew anything, and when I saw your writing I knew how it must be. This gradual, gentle sinking is the most merciful way of going one can think of, though I hope that there may not be the restlessness that belongs to weakness and is so very distressing. I shall ask Henry Bowles to pray for him, especially on Sunday when the people are there. I hope it is peaceful sleepiness, and that your niece or one of the nephews can be with him. The last letter I had, now more than a fortnight ago, spoke of going to church at eleven and preaching from his chair.

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