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Bye-words: A Collection of Tales Old and New. London and New York: Macmillan and Company. Collected from various sources. Book Fiction ( 1880 )


The stories included were ‘The Boy Bishop’ (first publishedin MP Christmas 1878, 620-624); ‘One will and three ways’ (MP Christmas 1877) 124-8; ‘Kaspar's summer dream’ (MP Christmas 1876, 16-34); ‘Buy a Broom’; ‘The Travels of Two Kits’; Selma's secret sighs’ (published under the pseudonym 'Euphemia Arrowsmith' in MP Christmas 1874, 97-108); ‘Our ghost at Fantford; ‘Anna's Wedding Cake’; ‘Autobiography of Patty Applecheeks’; and ‘A Holiday Engagement; or, The Campbells are Coming’