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Literary Churchman, The (periodical)


This periodical ran 1855-1892. CMY contributed to it a review of G. O. Trevelyan’s Cawnpore as well as one to Macmillan’s Magazine (letter 29 May 1865). She contributed an obituary of Bishop Patteson in 1871: ‘one that I could do from my heart of those vague In Memoriam things’ (mentioned to Fanny Patteson, 8 December 1871), and wrote other unidentified contributions, some sufficiently substantial for her to propose their inclusion in a projected volume of essays (To Alexander Macmillan, 20 March 1869). Its editor 1864-1876 was the Rev. Arthur Rawson Ashwell (1824–1879), of whom CMY thought very highly. He contributed both to MP and to the Monthly Packet of Sunday Teaching.