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Person’s Profile

Margaret Eliza Roberts (1833-1919 Montreux)


author of Mademoiselle Mori


She was educated by her stepfather, the Rev. Henry Latham (1794-1866 ODNB);  she was a contributor to MP (1864-92). Her most successful work was Mademoiselle Mori:  A Tale of Modern Rome (1860), which CMY encouraged Parker to print; she published as ‘the author of Mademoiselle Mori’. CMY had a plan to co-author German history with her; she suffered a strain of the hip in 1873; and lived in Torquay. She has titles in the British Library Catalogue 1857-1901. A letter in the Bodleian from Roberts to Bullock calls Grace Latham her cousin, and perhaps there was a blood relationship with some of the Lathams. (ODNB; Blain, Feminist Companion; Mary Harris, Frances Mary Peard says she died at Territet]