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Person’s Profile

The Rev. Duke Yonge (21 June 1823-7 Oct 1881)


cousin of CMY


The fourth and only surviving of the five sons of the Rev. John Yonge of Puslinch, and Alethea Henrietta (Bargus) Yonge, he inherited Puslinch in 1877 (John, James, John Bargus and Edmund Charles having predeceased him). He was curate of Newton Ferrars in 1849, and subsequently Rector of Newton Ferrars like his father. He married (26 Aug 1862) Charlotte Cordelia Pode (1839/40-7 Sept 1929), who was his second cousin (she was CMY's first cousin).  He shared two of her eight great-grandparents, whereas he shared four of CMY's eight great-grandparents. According to a letter of his youngest daughter Alethea’s, he had wished to marry CMY.