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Person’s Profile

Margaret (Scott) Gatty (1809-1873)


children’s writer and naturalist


She married (8 July 1839) the Rev. Alfred Gatty (1813-1903), Vicar of Ecclesfield; she was the mother of Juliana Horatia (Gatty) Ewing, and a contributor to MP (1857-69). Gatty’s Aunt Judy’s Tales (1859) and Aunt Judy’s Letters (1862) were made up of contributions to the MP from 1858 to 1865. 'Aunt Judy' was there represented as an older sister telling stories to her younger brothers and sisters, and was based on Gatty’s daughter Juliana Horatia Gatty (1841-1885), later Ewing, who herself began to contribute to the MP in 1861. In 1866 Gatty began to edit a periodical for George Bell called Aunt Judy’s Magazine and most of the later fiction of both mother and daughter appeared there.