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Anna Maria Keary (3 March 1825-March 1879)


writer, contributor to MP (1865-76)


Sixth child of the Rev. William Keary, Rector of Bilton, perpetual curate of Sailcoates, and rector of Nunnington. Her mother was daughter of Hall Plumer of Bilston Hall, brother of Sir Thomas Hall Plumer. She and her sister Eliza went to live in Addison Road 1854, later in Bedford Gardens. She worked in a children's hospital and was rather deaf. They seem to have been related to the Johns family. IIn 1873 she seems to have taken part in the essay-writing part of the Gosling Society, but if she had a sobriquet it is not known. [Eliza Keary Memoir of Annie Keary;Vital records index for death]