July 5th 1860

MS Historical Society of Pennsylvania: Gratz Collection: Case 107, Box 1 1

My dear Sir,

I am obliged for your letter received this morning, and will decide on bringing out Hopes and Fears as soon as possible.2 I will send the chapters from the Constitutional Press to be reprinted as soon as I have looked over them. I think that the first edition should certainly be in two volumes uniform with the others, but after the experience of Dynevor Terrace,3 I am not inclined to make the number of copies more than 3000 at the most.

Sheets should be sent to Mr Layton, Messrs Appleton’s agent.4 I had made arrangements with him before, but a periodical by some other firm has been bringing the story out, without any permission from me, and I rather rejoice in its being disappointed.

I will send the chapters early next week

Yours faithfully

C M Yonge

1Printed by David Bonnell Green, 'Two Popular Novelists of the ‘Fifties and Their Publisher: Letters from G. J. Whyte Melville and Charlotte M. Yonge to John William Parker, Jr.' Notes & Queries. 10:450-454. 1963.

2It appeared later in 1860.

3Published in 1857.

4Charles Layton, agent of Daniel Appleton and Co. of New York. see The George Eliot Letters, ed. Gordon S. Haight (New Haven, 1954-56), III, 268, n. 4.

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