July 31st 1860

MS Historical Society of Pennsylvania: Gratz Collection: Case 11, Box 10 1

My dear Sir,

Let the 5000 copies be put in hand, as you think it more advisable- Perhaps it was a mistake of mine to take fright, but after the first lessening of popularity, there is always a fear that the next attempt may fall still shorter – and one of my earlier books would not have left the 290 in hand.

I suppose the printing will hardly be finished long before October, if it were I must make some arrangement with Messrs Appleton that the book should not appear in America before it comes out here.2

Yours faithfully

C M Yonge

1Printed by Green, 'Two Popular Novelists of the ‘Fifties and Their Publisher'
2Hopes and Fears was published in 1861 by Appleton, who was the American publisher of most of Yonge’s novels and of many of her other works.
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