Novr 20th [1860]

MS Mrs Caroline Fairclough/16

My dear Miss Butler

I cannot tell you much about poor Mr Parker.1 I fancy he has not been in good health for some time he went abroad for the winter about 4 years ago, and was abroad again all August & September this year, only coming home just at the beginning of October, when I had one or two notes from him, but when my book came out, 5 weeks ago, his man Mr Bourn wrote to me announcing it, and saying he had been 5 days in bed. I heard no more till on the 10th I got an official notification of his death. I was in London for a days shopping on Monday week, and left a card for old Mr Parker at the office, but I did not hear anything to signify, nor do I know how far the poor old man may be capable of carrying on the business. So sensible and pleasant a person to deal with is a great loss. I liked him the best of any publisher with whom I have corresponded. I only had one interview with him, so you knew him more personally than I did. I find the general habit is either to detest Lucilla or Phoebe2 but luckily for me, all do not detest both!

I have not seen Grace since she was quite a child, I should like to renew my acquaintance3

yours sincerely

C M Yonge

1Her publisher John William Parker, jr. had died suddenly.
2Lucilla and Phoebe are characters in Hopes and Fears.
3Butler's niece Grace Harriet Butler.
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