Otterbourne, Winchester.
Jany 12th [1863]

MS Westcountry Studies Library, Exeter/ Yonge 1863/11

My dear Miss Smith

At last I have made out that last year’s blunder was that one short chapter of 8 pages was entirely missed over in the counting. This half year there are 76 pp, for which the amount is naturally £9. 10- the pound added from last time makes it £10.. 10- and the slight margin Mr Mozley now allows for our good contributors enables me to make it £12.. 10- for which I enclose a cheque, hoping I have made no blunders this time.

yours sincerely

C M Yonge

I see the Franklyns advertised in the Saturday.

My Scottish friends, Bp Mackenzie’s sisters are so fond of the Wynnes they have just sent out a copy to the married sister at Natal.

1Envelope addressed to Miss Ann Smith/ 8 Wellington Road/ Charlton/ SE and postmarked Winchester 12 January 1863 and London SE 13 January 1863.

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