Elderfield, Otterbourne, Winchester.
Novr 5th [1863]

MS British Library Add MSS 549201


I am sorry you had so much trouble about the Trial. I was only waiting to send it to you till I heard whether you thought it worth while to look at it so long before hand. I now send it by this post. There are six more chapters not yet in type of about the length of these, but I hope that the last of them will appear on the 1st of March or April, and I should imagine that the whole had better appear as soon as possible afterwards.

I have arranged that the Clever Woman of the Family should first come out in the Churchman’s Family magazine, to be completed there by December 1864,2 but I retain the copy right, and shall hope to bring out the book together in December, having stipulated with Messrs Hogg3 that the choice of a publisher for it shall then be in my hands.

I have not yet had an answer from Messrs Longman with regard to my other works

Your obt servt

C.M. Yonge

A Macmillan Esq

1Black-edged paper.
2It appeared there from Jan 1864 to May 1865. Macmillan published it in 1865.
3Publishers of the Churchman’s Family Magazine from Jan. 1863 to April 1873.

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