Elderfield, Otterbourne, Winchester.
Jany 18th 1864

MS British Library Add MSS 54920: 13-141

Dear Sir,

I found the other day that Messrs Longman’s delay in transferring my books to you was rendering it difficult for the retail booksellers to procure them – I therefore wrote to them a day or two ago to urge on the completion of the arrangements and I hope you may soon be able to let me know that this has been done.

How soon do you think it would be advisable to begin printing the Trial? It will finish in the Monthly Packet in April or May. I would make a push for its doing so in April if this were best, and in that case I suppose you would begin printing at once and I would send you the other chapters- I have an alteration or two to make in what I sent you, but this can be done in the proofs.

My brother mentioned to me the project of which you spoke to him of a little book of Golden Deeds,2 it is one that I should have much pleasure in carrying out

Yours faithfully
C.M. Yonge

1Black-edged paper.
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