Jan 21.1864

Copy outletter book British Library Add MSS.55382 P. 72

Dear Miss Yonge
I will see whether we can find some one who would do a few vigorous outlines for the little Duke. Something like those to Kingsleys Heroes. Reproductions of foreign books are not generally successful.

We send the Daisy Chain to press today

I am very glad indeed that you take to our idea. It would do admirable [sic] for a Christmas book.1 I think you have quite caught the idea I had & I think also what my sister had. We will talk over the matter tonight. I would certainly have some obscurer stars of this kind brought to light, if possible, so as to include some who have not sent down a ‘Roaring voice’.2 But when I have talked over the matter with my sister I will write again, or perhaps I may venture to get her to write herself. I suppose ladies should understand each other best.

I am dear Miss Yonge
Yours very faithfully
Alex Macmillan

1This was the idea for A Book of Golden Deeds.
2CMY was fond of quoting Walter Scott's statement, recorded by Felicia Hemans: 'Do not say that noble blood is wasted, it sends down a roaring voice through all time’. The quotation occurs The Daisy Chain II, Ch.5, the source being, Harriet Browne, Memoir of the Life and Writings of Mrs. Hemans, 200.
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