May 13 1864

Copy outletter book British Library Add MSS. 5538SKIP3 (1): P. 49

Dear Miss Yonge
We have at length got the Trial ready. I am afraid you will think we have been somewhat dilatory, which indeed has been the case. Our printer has been busy, and it was somewhat hard to keep him moving with due speed. You will I hope be satisfied with the result as regards the look [illegible] and I think it comes out at a favourable time. We sold about 1200 to start with. You will have received your copies, I hope all the presentation copies are sent out. Will you kindly let us know who your bankers are and we will pay the amount due to you to your a/c.

We have not yet advertised the Book of Golden Deeds with your name as you had not specifically given us leave. May we do so now? My sister-in-law will write you I think . . . how much she liked [illegible] you sent her. I have great hope of a very delightful book. Could I have it in time for a Christmas book?

I am dear Madam
Yours very truly
A. Macmillan

You spoke of coming to town soon. Is your time fixed yet?

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