July 6 1866

Copy outletter book British Library Add MSS.55386 (1) p. 228

Dear Miss Yonge

Mr Craik’s title was Heroes of History, which was less objectionable than A Book of Heroes as regards the chance of confusion with Mr Kingsley’s.1 Still there is some objection to it. It had not struck either of us before, but we both feel it now when you point it out.

How would “A Book of Worthies” do? There is the old “Scotch Worthies” and “Worthies of France” and Fuller’s “worthies”. The first objection that strikes me is that the word has a semi-derisive(?) application in some modern day regions. But it is a capital old word nevertheless, and there is no harm but much good in restoring a noble word from lower use. I rather feel that ‘true chivalry’ lacks sim[illegible]  And the epithet “true” has a sort of antagonistic tone, [illegible] for books that I do not like. “A Book of Chivalry” would be better I think. I will have little hope of you  [next two paragraphs indecipherable]

Very faithfully yours

A. Macmillan

I went to the Delegates meeting last Monday [rest of the paragraph indecipherable]2

1In 1856 Macmillan had published Charles Kingsley's, The Heroes, or, Greek fairy tales for my children.
2Macmillan had attended a meeting of the Delegates, or governing committee, of the Cambridge University Press.
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