Nov. 22 1866

Copy outletter book British Library Add MSS.55386 (2) P.654

Dear Miss Yonge,                                                                  

How do you like this? I think a [illegible] ly cheap book [illegible] [illegible]  made a profit.

Yours very f’lly

A. Macmillan

Alexander Macmillan to Charlotte Mary Yonge

Copy outletter book British Library Add MSS.55386 (2) P.701


Dear Miss Yonge,                                           Dec. 3. 1866


I have received some copies of Dynevor Terrace. Shall I send them to you or to some place inBrighton? I can probably add a book or two of my own if you say the cause is worthy.


I will anyway see about the Cameos very soon and also about Miss Peard. The pre-Christmas weeks are rather pressing.


I liked Miss Sewell’s title very well. It might be slightly modified. Have you got the leave [illegible]  from all the authors?


I will write very soon,


Yours faithfully,

  1. Macmillan

So the Chaplet finished?



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