July 30 1864

Copy outletter book British Library Add MSS. 55383 (1): P. 196

My dear Sir,

Your paper on Bridge Bracing has not come to hand.1 I am rather hesitant whether Mr Masson has any article on American affairs for the September number. If he has not I will ask him to see whether yours wd suit him. You know he is the chief who has authority. 2 I shall be very glad if it does.

In the mean time I tell you that the paper has not reached me. Your letter seemed to imply that you had sent it.

1This letter and certain requests from CMY to Macmillan (see letters dated 12 September 1864 and 14 July 1865) suggest that Julian Yonge was hoping for literary work.
2Masson was editor of Macmillan’s Magazine.

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