Aug 17th [1864]

MS Princeton University, Parrish Collection C0171: Box 29

My dear Miss Longueville
Thank you for writing to tell me about Miss Bridges. I had since heard that there was more chance of room at Clewer than at East Grinstead and was thinking of writing to tell you so, but if the decline is so speedy, perhaps there will be more comfort in living alone with a good Sister, and I believe the nursing [and] kindness are most perfect. Poor things how sad it is! I hope that it is one of the kinds of disease in which the last stages from their rapidity are less painful. What a comfort it is that such homes and nurses have sprung up with these few years, once one would have been so utterly at a loss to know what to do with such a case.

I just missed Fanny Wilbraham this year, she was at Netley, but I did not see her, and she was not up to much going about. Netley is one of the great sights of the neighbourhood, and it is quite delightful to see it in such hands as Colonel Wilbraham’s.2 I never saw the right man more entirely in the right place, and Katie Wilbraham is so thoroughly a bright little companion, or rather not little, for she is very tall, though graceful.

How you must have enjoyed your Swiss journey. I have never been out of Great Britain but my little peeps of scenery I have enjoyed very much[,] most of all the sight of Edinburgh three years ago3

Yours very sincerely
C M Yonge

1CMY and her mother were staying with Anne Sturges Bourne while plasterers were at work at Elderfield.
2Richard Wilbraham, brother of Fanny, was governor of the Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley, a military hospital with attached army nursing school, founded to deal with Crimean invalids.
3When she stayed with the Mackenzie sisters in July and August 1862. Among the Wilbraham papers is a letter, MS Cheshire Record Office DBW/P/K/5/5, from Keble to Fanny Wilbraham (21 August 1862) stating that CMY was then in Edinburgh.
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