Elderfield, Otterbourne, Winchester.
Novr 21st 1864

MS British Library Add MSS 54920: 54-55

Dear Mr Macmillan
This is an excellent title page, much better arranged than what I had thought of. I suppose I need not return it. I am going to send you a formidable list of presentation copies, which must be set down to my account as I have rather a large stock of young friends for whom I think this will be a better gift than a story book would.

Thanks for the Sunday Book, I see many favorite [sic] old friends in it. And the dove outside is beautiful in spite of its loss of colour. The Little Duke looks well, and the faces younger, it is a very pretty book, and I shall be glad to have it published on commission like the rest

My historical story ‘the Dove in the Eagle’s Nest’ is just begun, and if it is fit for the purpose, would be much honored [sic] by going into your Magazine; I think it will take about twelve chapters – the subject is the burgher civilisation of the 15th century brought in contact with the savage robber nobility, but I wish I had more authorities. I hunted at the Bodleian, but only found how little there was to be had. I will send the first chapter as soon as it is finished, and if the Editor would wish it, an outline of the story. It is not a child’s story, but its dénouement is not a marriage. I began by dreaming a chapter of it, a couple of years ago, and have thought it out at intervals ever since. What would be your terms for such a story as this – ?

Shall I set to work in earnest upon the Historical verses, and if so would it suit your plan if I set them in framework of conversation which I think would be the most palatable form of notes and criticisms.1

I send a photograph in case the ladies at the Elms2 may like to have it. I’m afraid it is not very like though there are a good many opinions about it

Yours very truly
C. M. Yonge

1]No book that fits this description appeared until the 1880s when CMY published Aunt Charlotte's Evenings at Home with the Poets: A collection of poems for the Young, with conversations (1881) and Historical Ballads: Arranged to meet the New Code of 1882, Schedule II, English (in three parts) (1882).
2Macmillan’s wife and sister-in-law.
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