Elderfield, Otterbourne, Winchester.
September 28th 1874

MS Pierpont Morgan Library, New York, MA 2768

My dear Florence

Publishing on commission does mean taking the risk and paying a percentage, above the expenses to the publisher.  It is what I often do, always with Mozley  The round sum for each edition is pleasant, and I don’t think you would get so much in the end by this as by selling copy right.  But if Mr Cowie1 has answered you and is considering is there much use in my writing to him.  I would do it if it were to ensure his attention, but I think he will give that, and if one writes without necessity, it is rather wasting one’s recommending power and making it less effective when it is really needed  I wish Ward would take the story, but he declined Chardham Fair,2 which I thought would have made beautiful illustrations and he has taken such stupid stories instead that I cannot judge of him

your affectionate

C M Yonge


1‘Mozley, Cowie and Smith’ appears briefly in 1874 as the imprint of the firm that was formerly John & Charles Mozley (1845-1874) and became Mozley & Smith in 1875. Mr Cowie may have been the “foreman they took into partnership [who] immediately went mad, and upset the arrangements - and they had to go on paying him as partner after he was in an asylum, till the firm could be dissolved.” [CMY to Bartholomew Price 1882]
2Evelyn Tod, Chardham Fair, an historical tale serialised in MP from January - September1873.
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