March 28. 1865

Copy outletter book British Library Add MSS. 55384 (1): P.310

Dear Miss Yonge
I sent the copy Golden Deeds to the Princess addressed as you wished to her governess by post yesterday. I hope it will reach her soon.

The copy of ‘Christian Names’ I sent to Mdme de Witt through Messrs Williams & Norgate, as it would have been expensive to send by post, and moreover would have been apt to get bruised and battered, being large and heavy. They explain that they have not parcels going very frequently but are going to send one in a day or two now. I hope this will not have caused any inconvenience.

I will consult with Mr Masson about the title. I daresay we will take the long one after all.

I have written to a friend to ascertain about the Calcutta man, Ratcliffe. I should fancy he is a government official.1 I do not know his name & I have correspondence with a good many booksellers there.

Thanks for the chapter of Bethlehem, which I am having put into type.

Yours &c
A. Macmillan

1In fact the letter was from James Sutcliffe, principal of the Hindu College, Calcutta.
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