April 24. 1865

Copy outletter book British Library Add MSS. 55384 (1): P. 397

My dear Miss Yonge
I ought to have acknowledged the copy for the new number earlier, but I wanted to write you a longer letter which I cant do today after all.

I would be glad to see what more you have written of Bethlehem, when you have satisfied yourself – or at least approximately – who could satisfy themselves on such a subject. The young Artist is ready to work whenever you like.

Shall I pay the monthly sums to your banker in London, or send you a cheque? I have also the £200 for the Clever Woman to pay.

It is indeed glorious weather. You should see us now at Tooting.

Yours most truly
A. Macmillan

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The Letters of Charlotte Mary Yonge(1823-1901) edited by Charlotte Mitchell, Ellen Jordan and Helen Schinske.

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