June 20. 1865

Copy outletter book British Library Add MSS. 55384 (2): P. 584

Dear Miss Yonge
I am sure that when Miss Sewell and yourself meet you will divide the history as it will be best.1 I only venture to say that it has struck me more & more, as I thought of it that divisions of the History, such as seemed called for should be made as far as possible according to Spiritual or Vital Articulation not by a mere arbitrary division of reigns or countries. I have been thinking that the struggle for constitutional Government, including the lives of Simon de Montfort & others connect with that great advance in national life. I think it would be an admirable opportunity of giving a conservative view of progress. May I say the true and the woman’s view of it that is the view that gathers round and develops from the family life. My boys are getting up – 12 & 14 – curious how practically this makes one feel everything.2

Yours most truly
A. Macmillan

1They were planning the work which became Historical Selections.
2His two elder sons were Malcolm Kingsley Macmillan (1852-1889) and George Augustin Macmillan (1855-1936).
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