Aug 1. 1865

Copy outletter book British Library Add MSS. 55384 (2): P. 718

My dear Miss Yonge
The MS. reached us safely. I will [illegible] distribution in the months1

We shall be very glad to see you when you come to town. It is just possible that I may be gone to America, but my wife & sister are at home; and we recently made a valuable addition to our neighbourhood , ‘the author of John Halifax’,whose husband Mr Craik, has become my partner, has taken a house quite near us.2 I think you will like to meet her.

I daresay Mr Farren would like to have the whole of the Prince and the Page as soon as possible. Those little changes you speak of could be made before printing if you think them of any consequence. I suppose it is as well to be correct when you can, though the great mass of the reading public dont care about it.

Where could one see those illustrations you think might be suitable to the Dove?3 Some piquancy might be given to it by such illustration. I am getting a little tired of the common two & three volume form novels are published in[.] I would be delighted to get an [illegible]

We’re all well and the merry boys at home, we look formidable to a casual visitor.4 I hope your mother & brother are quite well.

Yours faithfully
Alex Macmillan

I enclose the cheque

1CMY had sent him the remaining chapters of The Dove in the Eagle's Nest which was being serialized in Macmillan's Magazine, so the sense of this must be 'I will divide the chapters up suitably for monthly publication'.
2The Craiks married in April 1865 and lived at Chilchester Lodge, Wickham Road, Beckenham.
3CMY had suggested that illustrations could be based on those in Der Theuerdank.
4Macmillan had three sons, two daughters, a niece and three nephews under his roof, all under the age of 15.
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