Oct 30th 1865

MS British Library Add MSS 54920: 115-6

My dear Mr Macmillan,
Most of these illustrations I like very much, they are full of life, and the King very dignified, if they are lithographed I suppose it is too late for alteration, but the faces of Eleanor in the second, and of the Page in the first are rather distressing, and I think that in the second the page is rather too short and stocky to give the notion of one who was to grow up tall enough to be taken for the king.

You have the whole and the chief correction to be made by the printer is that Richard should every where be substituted for Wilfred. I can manage for it to appear in the Monthly Packet in time, and shall be glad for it to come out now, so as to have a fair start before the Dove. Might not the stamp on the side of the book be Montfort arms? I will send the correct description in a day or two. I have a particular dislike of a great gold patch repeating some large figure within. I should like also to append a sort of preface, explaining what is historical, I will send it shortly.

About the account, January will suit me quite as well as the present time, it was only that it struck me afterwards that I had made an omission.

I hope to see my brother before post time, but there is so much rain between our two houses that I do not feel at all secure of so doing. I believe he will write to you himself.

What I sent you is about a third part of the Chaplet of Pearls. The main part of the story, the adventures while seeking the lost wife, are yet to come.

Am I to return the lithographs?

Yours sincerely
C M Yonge

A tracing of Ulm from the Nuremberg Chronicle is in hand.

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