Elderfield, Otterbourne, Winchester,
March 29, 1866.

MS location unknown. Printed in Coleridge, Life 223

My dear Anne-
Thanks for your note in your haste. Of course we each meant 5s., I only wish it was more, though I don’t know that I should be writing to-day to say so if I did not want to tell you of what our hearts are so full of, namely, Mr. Keble’s state. He had seemed well and cheerful through all the fluctuations of her state, and had written a comfortable note to Miss Mackenzie when she revived last Wednesday, but on Thursday he fainted, erysipelas in the head came on, he has been delirious and then unconscious ever since, and they think he will be in his rest before her. She knows all about it, and yet is not worse, I believe she feels it very thankworthy, as all who love them must do, for it was a grief to all to think how he was to live alone in his broken state. Mrs. T. Keble seems to feel as if it was holy ground, so peaceful, so patient. I heard from her this morning as if she thought it would hardly last much longer with him at least, so that day of Queen Emma was the very last of my being in the light and peace round them. But still I know she must so feel it that I could almost congratulate her. And it is the very week they would have chosen. . . –1

Your most affectionate

11 April 1866 was Easter Sunday.
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