Elderfield, Otterbourne, Winchester.
Oct 26th 1866

MS British Library Add MSS 54920: 164-165

Dear Mr Macmillan,
Can you tell me how far back in time the reservation of the right of translation goes-? There is a pretty story of Paul Feval’s in the Feé des Grèves which my mother translated, and I want to have in the Monthly Packet.1 It was printed in 1853, and is out of print in France, and there is no notice of reservation of translation in the title page – however by way of being on the safe side I wrote to ask for authorisation for the translation, and this morning my letter has been returned to me with these incomprehensible marks on the envelope. Now if 1853 was – (as I rather think) before it became necessary to get leave to translate, there need by no more trouble, but if not perhaps you could tell me how to make a less unsuccessful application. Whether M. Dageneau has removed – or who is M. Févals present publisher.1 The story ought to begin in January so I am rather anxious about it.

Miss Sewell is coming here today for a consultation over the extracts. I think we have nearly enough in bulk for a first volume, but there are two or three important bits for which we have not yet found writing interesting enough – the Battle of the Standard 2– Magna Carta, and all Henry II that was not either Becket or Ireland especially.

I am going to send you a piece of Miss Peard’s work for the Sunday Library in a few days.

Yours sincerely
C M Yonge

1It appeared as 'The Fairy of the Sands'. It seems that CMY was mistaken in thinking Dagneau's 1853 edition was the first.
2The Battle of the Standard (1138), between the Scots and the English, at Northallerton in North Yorkshire.
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