16, Mornington Road Regents Park
March 28th 1867

MS British Library Add MSS 54974/1-4

Dear Mr Macmillan
I return the two letters, somewhat appalled at Miss Yonge’s statement that the ‘Library’ is to edit itself & no one is to be responsible. Of course this is not in accordance with your wish but do you not think it is a mistake which is certain to arise unless I – as Editor – take all the correspondence from the first. I see the force of your objection that I am a stranger to some of these writers but there is not one to whom I cannot procure an introduction from intimate friends & I am known by name to some. Besides the position which you have given me is a sufficient guarantee & will ensure attention to any suggestion either from you or me. There is much in Miss Yonge’s letter which I should like to talk over with you & then to write to her myself. I should also like to write to Mr Kingsley about the ‘ruffians’ . . .

1Frances Martin (1829-1922) had been in charge of the junior department of Bedford College since 1853, but was at this date experiencing difficulties with the Council. Macmillan had invited her to help edit the Sunday Library but did not fully explain her role to CMY. Possibly Frances Martin over-estimated the extent of the responsibilities handed to her, and, believing that she had been appointed official editor of the Library, was affronted that CMY did not immediately recognise this.

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The Letters of Charlotte Mary Yonge(1823-1901) edited by Charlotte Mitchell, Ellen Jordan and Helen Schinske.

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