May 10 1867

Copy outletter book British Library Add MSS.55387 (1) P. 168

Dear Miss Yonge,
[First page largely indecipherable, but seems to be concerned withThe Danvers Papers ]

The Sunday Library is making progress I hope. . . I have found it useful to have someone to depute the correspondence to and combat the kind of [illegible] on the spot to take matters over. A lady friend of Mrs Craik, a Miss Martin, has undertaken this.2 She is a lady of quite exceptional poise & cultivation, with extensive historical knowlege, so much so that Dr B [illegible], professor at Kings College, quite looks on her as an authority. I am sure you would like her.

[Next paragraph illegible]

Yours faithfully
A. Macmillan

Are you to be in London soon? I should much like to have a meeting at my house, with the parties [illegible] [illegible] & Miss Martin.

1The novelist Dinah Craik (1826-1887), who had married Macmillan’s partner in 1865, had shared lodgings with Frances Martin in 1850 when both were in their early twenties.

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