June 1867.

Copy outletter book British Library Add MSS.55387 (1) P. 276

Dear Miss Yonge
I am much obliged to you for so kindly undertaking the new work I hope when you are once in it you will find it not less pleasant than the others.

I propose paying you the same for that as I will for the Worthies. The amounts which will be due to you next half year & part or the whole we can pay you any time after August 1. are:-

Pupils £200 for copyright

Cameos 100 1st edition

Danvers 75 ————-

Besides these there will be due to you early in January certain balances for the books which are your own property.1 What these amount to you shall know I hope during July

I hope this information will enable you to make your beneficent arrangement in a satisfactory manner.

Trade is dreadfully dull at present. People will not buy books at all, they will do nothing but ‘Reform Bill’ it. Not profitable work unless it leads to better results in life & labour, than seem prevalent now. But for this dullness I quite hope that the Danvers papers will be a real success. I read them again since their publication.

About your proposed Guide to charitable Institutions, this seems to me the natural course, that you should communicate with Mr Low, offering him as a supplement all those not contained in his book. If you would like I will glad [sic] convey the offer to him. It would be a pity and indeed useless to publish what he has already done.

I am dear Miss Yonge
Yours very faithfully
Alex Macmillan

1The books originally published by Parker which Macmillan was now distributing for CMY 'on commission'. See letters between CMY and Macmillan dated 7, 9 and 13 October 1863.

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