Elderfield Otterbourn
July 1st [1867]

MS British Library Add MSS 54920: 181-182

Dear Mr Macmillan
I believe the childish form does not last,1 it is always cramping and a scratch of the pen will alter it where it prevails.

I was sorry afterwards I had not mentioned St John being recognised by his former pupil, the captain of the robbers, when he went out to be taken by him. It would be a fine subject for expression, and I wonder it has never been taken before. I believe I meant Archippus – the (supposed) angel of Laodicea as the third pupil of St John, but there is not enough of him to stand alone, without a wonderful amount of sermonizing – so I have worked him in with the other less little distinguished and half made out people.

I hope you will put an Eagle on the cover. Have you seen the Eagle in New College Chapel, it is a magnificent creature, and I should most particularly like to have it either there or in the title page, or both, for many reasons. I would send you a photograph but the one I have is not in the best position – and you are so much at Oxford that it would be sending coals to Newcastle.

What a fair and sensible article Mr Ll. Davies’s is.

We are in a world of hayfields delicious to all senses

Yours sincerely
C M Yonge

It is just possible that on Wednesday or Thursday Miss Sewell may call on you.2 If you will be from home on either of those days – would you let her know at the Revd W. Sewell’s



1He had objected to the childish tone of her draft chapters of The Pupils of St. John the Divine.
2This would be in connection with the book of Historical Selections being compiled by CMY and Sewell.
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