July 18/1867

Copy outletter book British Library Add MSS.55387 (1): P. 362

My dear Miss Yonge
I have a hurried note from Miss Martin in which she expresses her gratification at the kindly way in which you have written, and says that ‘no doubt you have much right reason on your side’, and repeats very much what I said yesterday.1 I am quite sure she will be satisfied with what you feel free to do in the way of abridgement of those early chapters. But I think you will feel the force of what I urged last night, and meet my views.

By the by, I looked in Smiths bible Dicty & I find he does say that Clement of Alexandria is the source [of] the tradition about the robbers. The writer there does not agree that it is quoted by Eusebius, as he does in another case. I will gladly send you any books you require.

I like what I have read very much indeed as regards its tone and style & feel sure you will make a good beginning for us: you will not wonder that we are anxious about our start.

Very faithfully yours
A. Macmillan

I send you books on the Terror & Maur [illegible] & Eccles. Hist. over [There is no second page]

1Frances Martin, the editor of Macmillan's Sunday Library series, had criticized CMY's The Pupils of St. John the Divine.
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