May 29 1868

Copy outletter book British Library Add MSS.55387 (1) P. 400

My dear Miss Yonge,
I send you the first copy of the Cameos which has been bound. It has been delayed about that title page, in which I wanted to produce a cameo effect, [illegible] that may be. The book I am sure is a charming book and we tried to give it an adequate dress.

I think Clay is making better progress with the Selections. Miss Sewell seems satisfied. I have never I think spoken of terms to you or her. We would I think be disposed to buy this as we did the Cameos. Do you think this would please both? One cannot [4 lines too pale to read.]

I dont forget that we owe you for the Cameos & the Pupils. I am afraid that we shall find the number published of the Library [illegible] of the volumes.

Yours very faithfully
Alex Macmillan

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