Palace, Lichfield,
January 10, 1872.

MS location unknown. Printed in Coleridge, Life, 300-301

My dear Sir William-
Your letter has come on to me here. I came on Monday to be instructed respecting Bishop Patteson’s life, which I am to try to draw up from the very full materials that his family and Bishop Selwyn can provide. I hope to return on Saturday.

Thank you for letting me see Mr. Faithfull’s decision; I think he is wise to give his name, and so obtain the subscriptions of all his friends. I daresay in this way he will obtain a good

deal of pleasure out of it himself, and I hope some benefit to the hospital funds.-1

Your affectionate

1Edward Williams Faithfull, Occasional Thoughts (London, E. Faithfull, and Winchester, Jacob and Johnson 1872), a volume of verse published by private subscription, probably in aid of the rebuilt Royal Hampshire Hospital in Winchester.

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