Elderfield, Otterbourne, Winchester
April 8, 1872

MS location unknown. Printed in Coleridge, Life, 301-2

My dear Sir William
Would you be so kind as to look at page 9 of the ‘Gleanings’ at the beginning of the Musings on the Christian Year, and tell me whether you have any recollection of telling Mr. Keble anything about your opinion of King Charles’s truth?1

There is a new edition called for, and Miss Dyson wants me to take it out. Her letter coming while I was at Salisbury, I asked whether it was there thought that I ought, as it was not according to my impression lightly thrown out, and I put it in because I thought it disproved blind admiration, while showing the real tenderness.

The Bishop advised me to ask whether you remembered having said anything of the kind to him – if you did, to leave it; if not, to take it out. So I am acting by order in troubling you about it.

Your affectionate
C. M. Yonge

1The cult of Charles I was very significant to the Tractarians. In the case of the Hursley group their intense historical consciousness was stimulated by the fact that Richard Cromwell had inhabited the village.

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