Elderfield, Otterbourne, Winchester.
Febry 5th [1874]

MS Mrs Caroline Fairclough/25

My dear Arthur
I think the redingote is wrong- but the geens and gaskins were worth having. Why should I not mean the Aryan classifications to be based on Grimm.1 I meant it for a pleasing exercise but I fancy only our spiders of a superior order will attack such a web!

Adams is my authority for durst being an old verb like burst, and is he not generally trustworthy? Certainly I never heard the infinitive. Do I know about your translation of Aristophanes? Did I miss it, for I am free to confess that my sub editor looks at the Spiders’ webs and reports on them

What does the Athenaeum say to this, which I received this morning?2 ‘The Queen’ declared that the only war in this reign I had mentioned was the Abyssinian, a flagrant instance of never looking at the book.3

Did you see the Aurora last night? I never saw a better.

yours very sincerely
C M Yonge

1‘Cobwebs, or, The Monthly Packet Essay Society’ had begun in the issue of January 1873. The question for February 1874 was ‘Classify the Aryan languages’.
2Arthur Butler was a prolific contributor to the Athenaeum.
3The reference is probably to her Aunt Charlotte's Stories of English History for the Little Ones, which had appeared in time for Christmas 1873.

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